VIRAL Paranormal Romance Giveaway


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Product Description

For our paranormal romance authors, we’re started a new VIRAL giveaway option! This is similar to our platinum giveaways, but a little different, so you’ll want to take a read to understand what you’re signing up for.

There is a limit of TEN authors per giveaway! Less Books Per Promotion = More Eyes on YOUR Book!

With our VIRAL Giveaway, we focus on building newsletters ONLY. The giveaway entrant is notified that by entering this giveaway, they agree to be subscribed to a set group of newsletters–that of the sponsors. This is a great benefit to true paranormal romance fans, as they have a chance to learn about TEN new authors in ONE simple step! Not only that, but every time they share the giveaways and get their paranormal romance loving friends to sign up, they get more chances to win!

These giveaways run for ONE MONTH at a time to ensure the maximum results! Included in this giveaway is a FREE FEATURE of any paranormal romance book of your choice in our Paranormal Romance and Free Kindle Giveaway newsletters! This will include not only your book cover, but also your blurb!


Unlike our other giveaways, which are “Set It and Forget It” oriented, we do ask that all participants include a link to the giveaway in at least one of their newsletter mailings during the duration of the giveaway. This ensures the best results for everyone involved.