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Product Description

Looking for a giveaway to build YOUR brand specifically? The Super Star Giveaway is all about YOU! It’s about your genre, your books, the readers YOU want to have. We target readers who love books of leading authors in your genre and we give them the opportunity to learn about someone new using a viral style giveaway (non-gift-card) and an email feature that is focused entirely on you and your books. Each giveaway is custom designed based on what your audience would love.

But unlike other giveaway services, we don’t ask you to giveaway a copy of any of your books. Why? Because we know that you don’t want to give your books away…you want to sell them! So submit your promotion today and leave the rest up to us. We’re ready to work on our magic on your personal brand with a month-long, hyper-targeted VIRAL giveaway!

What You Receive

1) A solo feature of your title to 25,000 newsletter subscribers

2) An increase in your newsletter to 1000 – 2000 micro-targeted subscribers in your genre, based on authors similar to yourself.